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mxcdb is a small cd database utility, written in python. One day I came home from the CD store and realized that I had three different renditions of the same Bach piece. Never again, I vowed! I shall have a database of CDs, with titles and songs easily searchable. Thus came mxcdb to be.

mxcdb is small and fast (although there's plenty of room for optimization). It knows how to query CDDB for the cd currently in the drive (using the module) and add it to the local database. It also knows how to search the local database for text.

mxcdb is hackerware. That is, it might work, and it might not work. If it breaks something, you get keep both pieces. But hey, It Works For Me (tm) and it might work for you. Let me know, either way.

Last but not least, mxcdb is licensed under the GPL - patches will be happily accepted.