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$Id: ljablog.html,v 1.4 2004/03/22 21:24:59 muli Exp $


ljablog.el is a gross hack of an emacs lisp mode to post blog entries to both livejournal and advogato. It posts to advogato via advogato.el, and to livejournal via ljupdate. You should have both set up first, in order to use ljablog.

ljablog.el is hackerware. That is, it might work, and it might not work, and if it breaks, you get to keep both the car and the cdr of the breakage. It's licensed under the GPL.

;; ChangeLog
;; Mon Feb 16 21:51:46 2004 add a 'pre-post' hook to the blog structure, 
;;   and use it to turn on HTML mode unconditionally in lj (since advogato 
;;   posts are always HTML)
;; Mon Feb 16 14:43:07 2004 - define a blog structure and use that in 
;;   ljablog-post, rather than explicit positions in a list 
;; Sun Feb 15 19:51:30 2004 - allow to set a 'do post' flag for each
;;   blog 
;; Sat Feb 14 00:29:29 2004 - set ljablog-debug-do-post to 't', to 
;;   make posting enabled by default 
;; Sat Feb 14 00:26:52 2004 - rewrite ljablog-post to be lispish, 
;;   not procedural, and potentially support more blogs. Also fix a 
;;   buglet where we would call lj mode's compose hooks rather than 
;;   ljablog's.