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dumpmem is a process memory dumper, written in C on Linux. It started as an excersize in using the ptrace(2) API, and grew into a nice toy that might actually be useful.

dumpmem is hackerware. That is, it might work, and it might not work. It's licensed under the GPL, so you know what you can and can't do with it.

Here is dumpmem's usage information:

mulix@tea:~/src/dumpmem$ ./dumpmem -h 
./dumpmem (0.4.1) is process memory dumper
Usage: ./dumpmem [OPTIONS] [program_to_execute]

  -o, --output file_name      send the output to this file
  -r, --raw                   send the output in raw format
  -p, --process pid           pid of the process we
                              should attach to
  -h, --help                  this help message

previous versions: dumpmem-0.4.tar.gz, dumpmem-0.3.tar.gz, dumpmem-0.2.tar.gz, dumpmem-0.1.tar.gz.